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Customer Testimonials

Customer Likes The What-A-Knife So Much She Buys 15 More!

“I absolutely love What-A- Knife!  I bought two for myself, took them home and tried them, now its the only knife I use!!  I went back and bought 15 more to give to all my friends and family members”

- Shirley
Las Vegas, NV



The What-A- Knife Impresses Customer!

“I picked up a couple What-a-Knife at a flea market. They’re Wonderful…its the only knife we use now.”

- Lori
Bradenton, FL.



Customer Tells Us About The Kaywos Cloth

“I bought a mobile home in Florida. It had nicotine stains (or something yucky) on the ceiling. I wiped it down with your Kaywos Cloth and was amazed, it cleaned it great..”

- Carolyn
Sarasota, FL


Customer Orders 144 whataknife Knives!

“I was doubtful at first, the guy demonstrating the knife said it would never need to be sharpened. He was right. I love that knife. It can cut a tomatoes paper thin.   As a matter of fact I called and ordered a case of 144 pieces! I’m going to take them home and sell them. Great product and What-A-knife ! ”

- Don
Lancaster, PA.



Kaywos Cloth Better Than Glass Cleaner

“I love your Kaywos Cloth, It cuts my work load in half, plus does a better job than any glass cleaner I have ever used. I was impressed. Thanks, your wonder cloths are WONDERFUL”

- Sue